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Kicking the Silk Habit

I talk to customers a lot about my choice of materials – organic cotton jersey – because I want to share my interest in creating a sustainable art practice. The textile industry is one of our world’s biggest polluters and quite simply I don’t want to add to this mess with my little business. Never having made a New Year’s resolution, I stumbled upon one, while talking to Heidi Wilenius owner of Dandelion Wishes in Hopewell, New Jersey. I explained to her why I used plant dyes, organic cottons, and my opinions on the ethics of silk production. Two weeks later, it sunk in. I need to quit silk as magical and perfect a fiber ever imagined, the laborers involved are not well-treated, not to mention the lowly silkworm. So, thank you Heidi for allowing me to express myself to the point where I will finally put my thoughts into action. For you silk lovers out there, my consolation are the beautiful organic cotton jersey scarves fresh from the studio posted below.