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Adding color to my world

After the American Handcrafted show I was working on some orders and panicked because I wasn’t getting the colors I wanted: purples in all shades using madder, alkanet, and Indigo. All I was getting were reds from my madder, brown gluck from alkanet and deep blues from my indigo overdyes. So, last night I reread Lyles and realized that my madder purples come from a good iron and tannin pre-mordant. Also to extract purples from alkanet I needed do an overnight soak in alcohol. Finally, my Indigo overdye must be done using a very weak solution so the reds dominate. Needless to say, today was the day it all came together. I was able to work quickly adding madder and alkanet extracts and a weak Indigo to different pieces with very different but very successful results. The brighter pieces have a weld yellow background while the darker pieces were mordanted with tannin and iron.