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I have a box of yellow…..

Dye plants! Two kinds of coreopsis-annual and perennial varieties, first year weld plants, and marigolds. This spring’s abundance of cool weather and rain has been truly a gift with no disappointments. The perennial coreopsis flowers go into an alcohol extraction jar and serve as my go-to yellow dye paint. For now, marigolds are also going into that jar as they have not bloomed in a critical mass. Now for the weld, my favorite color fast sacred weed. This week I will begin harvesting and drying leaves for stunning lemon yellow vat dyeing. Because the spring has been so giving, I will be able to harvest half the weld thisyear for dye and let the remaining plants winter over and go to seed next year. The yellow box looks a bit thin right now, but what I see is potential for bright shades of eye popping color.