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Covid Cruise II

Amid the chaos and violence of the past week emerged a request from a new IG friend to create a reminiscence of Los Angeles, the hometown we both share. My imaginary landscapes tend to be of moody oceans, while his are of urban skylines and vivid sunrises. So, it was my challenge to pivot and bring an urban landscape to the canvas. I began to prepare my palette of yellows – weld, osage, corepsis; reds – madder, cochineal; purples – alkanet, logwood; then indigo blues. After painting layer after layer of the dyes, earth and sky emerged. The skyline was added with an image transfer, then a layer of organza…more and more layers of dye. By then earth and sky were crying for peace and justice; the ugly underbelly of our country was exposed to all the world. The final piece has a darker more menacing mood then what I had planned, but as usual, I am not able to fully control my minds eye. This leg of the Covid Cruise has been truly a stormy experience