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The Covid Cruise continues with even more stringent lockdowns, positives, and sicknesses, not to mention general incivility and political repression…So to keep my mind off the daily strife, I look to the bounty of the garden and all my friends and companions connected to the land for my faith and compassion. We cannot connect in person but we can still share our knowledge and love for what is growing around us.

In celebration of our common cause here are some quick tutorials for “how to get that plant dye onto my fabric.” The tutes are seasonal, organized by what’s happening now in my part of the planet.

What I have learned as a participant in this pandemic is: “when the going gets tough, share.” We are not the only living beings to experience this by any means so lets all grow up and work it bbn out.

Here is a link to my Patreon site, enjoy, share, support.